• The AntiMondays Story

    It all began In October 2017, when Happiness Activists Mario and Laura visited La Sebastiana, the former home of the poet Pablo Neruda, in Chile. At La Sebastiana, Neruda loved hosting whimsical dinners for people from diverse backgrounds.


    With this idea in mind, Laura suggested organizing a monthly dinner at home like Neruda did back in the 1970s. A few days later, visiting Argentina, Mario shared the idea with a friend who asked to replicate the dinner series in Buenos Aires. After a brief debate about the best day of the week to host the event, AntiMondays was born. Mondays are always thought of as boring and depressing. What if we could make them better? What if we could make them a day to connect, eat, and learn?


    Mario and Laura teamed up with their friends Beto (a positive futurist) and Nuria (a design maven) and together have grown AntiMondays - so far! - to dinner tables are eight countries around the globe.